Monday, July 06, 2020

(x, why?) Mini: Sub Talk

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If I understand the definition correctly, sub 3 is doing it, too.

I discovered what subtweeting was when I discovered a student of mine doing it while accusing me of doing it.

I couldn't complain. For one thing, she seemed to find it amusing. For another, a bunch of students found my twitter account and decided to follow me, mostly looking for "dirt" or any material with which to make fun in class. (I told them that I used the account to talk to other teachers and they'd all be bored.)

The one thing that did occur to me was that since they followed me, I knew what their account IDs were, and I could see who they followed and who followed them. The people who followed them were mostly others in the school. So I could see read their tweets and see what they really thought about me.

I only lurked. I didn't "like" or respond. And I certainnly didn't "stalk". The only two conversations I remember when some of them passed around my twitter handle, and made fun that I chose "mrburkemath" (Hey, it's branding. You know?), and another where a few complained about how difficult a test was, with one young lady complaining that she wouldn't have been able to finish it if another boy hadn't done it for her. (I don't remember that she passed.)

Most of them stopped following me within a few months. My tweets did, in fact, bore them. One or two, I think, still follow me, but I don't think their accounts are active any more. I think most of the students moved on to other platforms.

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