Tuesday, July 14, 2020

In A Flash: 2020, by Christopher J. Burke

In A Flash: 2020, by Christopher J. Burke (2020)

Excuse the blatant plug, but if I can't promote my book here, where can I?

Over the past few years (since before In A Flash: 2016, which contains a story of mine), I have been writing flash fiction on and off. Naturally, I've been working toward longer pieces, but there was a market for these. Twenty stories have been collected into this anthology. Note: this book reprints the story from the previous volume.

There are, in total, 20 flash fiction stories that range from fantasy to science fiction to "realism". The Realism is sort of a "catch-all" section gives you horror, noir, and pirates. (Not at the same time.)

$1.99 for the ebook. The paperback is forthcoming.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Flash-2020-Christopher-J-Burke-ebook/dp/B08CWQTYBR

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