Friday, June 05, 2020

(x, why?) Mini: Crisis on Infinite Dimensions

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(C)Copyright 2020, C. Burke. "AnthroNumerics" is a trademark of Christopher J. Burke and (x, why?).  

If that dodecahedron is binary, then it's showing a 5 on the face facing us.

The antiprism is a bit twisted, and I hope the shading gives it a perception of a three-dimensional solid, not a two-dimensional envelope. A square antiprism consists of two parallel square bases, but one is rotated (in this case) 45 degrees compared to the other. Instead vertical faces composed of rectangles, the two bases are separated by triangles.

I was originally going to use a hexagonal prism and antiprism, but then I realized that I was using the Platonic Solids anyway, so I just used the Cube.

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Anonymous said...

Octahedron is silently hoping the other Platonics won't notice he's actually a triangular antiprism.