Thursday, June 11, 2020

Mr. Burke Walks ... aka Walkin' in Brooklyn

With the weather getting warmer, I've started to get more walking time in (even if I have to wear a mask to do it). And a little over a year ago, I started tracking my routes around Brooklyn on a map -- using MS Paint, of course, because what else would I use, right?

In the past six months or so, these walks have gotten longer, pushing past the usual mile or two, as I ventured farther from home or job sites. I discovered how (relatively) short a trip it is from Williamsburg to Barclays Center, for example.

And when I remember, I take pictures of interesting things I saw.

So, with time on my hands, I started Yet Another Blog. We'll see how long this lasts, but I have enough photos to keep it up through the summer.

Rather than call it "Mr. Burke Walks", keeping with a theme of mine, I gave it the title "Walkin' In Brooklyn". I left off the final g to make it sound more Brooklyn ... and because the name wasn't available. Stop by.

And, by the way, I lied. I don't really have time on my hands. I just don't allocate it the way that I should.

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