Saturday, June 13, 2020

Guest Comic: Irregular Webcomic

A couple of weeks ago, David Morgan-Mar of Irregular Webcomic suffered a hand injury which make creating comics that required the manipulation of LEGO minifigures and photographing of same a little difficult to say the least. Rather than go into reprints, it was suggested that he should run guest comics.

The call went out on Twitter, and luckily, I saw the tweet.

I still have some LEGO blocks and figures in the basement which come out when my nephew comes over. (Mostly, just then. That's the ticket.) I went through them, looking for ideas, and taking pictures.

As that Friday evening played out, I wound up occupied with other things and didn't get back downstairs to clean up. The following morning, my darling wife approached me, and rather than being angry or disgusted that I left a mess downstairs, she was practically giggling wondering what I was doing, setting up the blocks when my nephew wasn't here.

After telling her about the comics, she suggested, which I had thought about as well, that I should involve my nephew, Mikey, as he might get a kick out of it. And, let's face it, he has a much more extensive LEGO collection than I do!

Later that Saturday, we were in his backyard with his LEGO table and figures (with some of mine as well), and we set up a couple more comics. And then I took more pictures as he "flew" around with some of my pieces. Let's face it, at seven years old, he's not composing four-panel stories, with or without punchlines.

Anyway, the first strip posted yesterday, at".

Did I say "first"? Why, yes I did. I submitted a few of them. I don't know how many he'll use, or how many other comic creators stepped forward to submit guest strips, which run Monday through Friday. I'll keep you up to date.

Historical note: when DMM previously decided to stop making comics, he asked some of the webcomic people of the day to create guest strips. I had one back then, too:

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