Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Venn There, Done That

I can't believe that I haven't used that title before. A quick search didn't find it -- at least, not on the first three pages of results. It's possible that I used it in a comic. However, the comic dialogue, as of this writing, is not searchable. That's on a list of things to do this summer.

Memorial Day and Weekend are now behind us, and discussion today turned to the things we did this in the past few days and things we wish we could've done. Being poolside was up there, and someone mentioned summer drinks. "Pina coladas" were offered up as a suggestion. I don't recall if the weather report came up at this point or later (more thunderstorms expected), but someone started singing the Pina Colada Song.

Naturally, with my iPad handy, I scrolled through the Venn diagram tag until I found this little gem for a Personal Ad

(I did this because the Song tag was too big, and a search on "Pina Colada" failed.

Another Venn diagram, with a comment about being unable to make a four-oval Venn diagram. Again, for the record, they are difficult to draw, but not impossible. I have updated the entry accordingly.

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