Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Day 11: I'm Still Here... I'm Still Blogging ...

It's been a brutal couple of days, getting everything out of the way, cleaning off the desk, and getting grades ready for submission. I usually have my own calculations, done through a spreadsheet, which can look at the best scores that students have handed in. Instead, this time around, I'm relying more on the automated online process. Partly because parents and students at this school check them out more frequently. Partly because they will challenge me if I differ by even a point from the way the computer grades it. Yes, some of them, a select few, are absolutely nuts while simultaneously being in own their own, or their little precious's, failings. I massaged the numbers online, putting in zeroes where they were needed, and slightly higher numbers when I didn't want to crush or cripple a decent grade.

But it's not an automated system. They grade shown is not the one that gets put into the system unless I put in there. In general, I put in a figure that matched or exceeded what the computer showed. The trick is to make the computer show what I want it to show (or less than I want it to show). Then I come off looking pretty good. Score one for Number Sense.

Back tomorrow. Hopefully, with the new marking period under way, there will be time now. Time enough at last.

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