Monday, May 12, 2014

Bonus Post: (x, why?) Comic Spotted in the Wild

Maybe it's not the "wild", but it is online. And I didn't really "spot", she gave me the link (after asking permission a while ago).

Stacey Roshan is a teacher who does "Flipclass" videos online. The opening/exit comic in this lesson looks awfully familiar. And the lesson is well-presented, too.

This lesson is on rational exponents (aka "fraction as exponents") and I won't spoil which comic was used. Check it out for yourself.

Attention, all educators: If you would like to use one of my comics in a lesson or video or anything school-related that is not "for-profit", please contact me. The answer will most likely be Yes (unless you're extremely rude or planning something extremely bizarre). In fact, you may proceed as if the answer were "yes", but please contact me anyway. I'd like to know about it. Just don't alter the comics, please.

If my comic will be archived on a website, please have a link back here to the blog, or to the (x, why?) comics page.

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