Saturday, October 12, 2013

Welcome "Coffee Logic" and Spiked Math Readers

Once again, there has been a bounce in the stats for my site and the Postest with the Mostest, once again is Coffee Logic, which is usually the weeklong- and monthlog-leader about my comics.

However, at the moment, the numbers are so skewed that I can only assume that the Spiked Math post, Three Logicians Walk Into a Bar, has been reposted somewhere, and that the spillover traffic is heading over here.

So, please, if you're new here and looking around, I'm curious how you found my site. And if you came here through Spiked Math, I'd like to know how you found Mike's site. No, really, I would.

Mike has always enjoyed a larger audience that I have, and I'm fine with that, because he advertises and I rely on word of mouth. Seriously, there's no reason for me to advertise because I'm not selling anything. (Granted, more readers might give me a reason to eventually start selling things, but it's been six years now, and I haven't tried to sell anything yet.)

So, once again, "Welcome" to (x, why?). Read some of the over 800 comics, feel free to participate in, or start a discussion. You can post anonymously, but if you do, you won't know if someone responds to you or not.

And, please, be polite. And Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

I heard about (x, why?) by word of mouth

(x, why?) said...

Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found (x, why?) via "Spiked Math Readers", which was a "fun logic" link from Coursera's Intro to Logic course. Nice logic comic (and follow-up), and blog generally!
All the best.