Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Algebra 2 Problems of the Day

Daily Algebra 2 questions and answers.

More Algebra 2 problems.

June 2017, Part II

All Questions in Part II are worth up tp 2 credits. Partial credit is possible.

29. Graph y = 400(.85)2x - 6 on the set of axes below. (image omitted, see below)

See the graph below.
The x-axis has a scale of 0.5, but using integer values for x is sufficient for full credit. The y-axis has a scale of 20.
I included a table of values for reference. It isn't needed, but it's not a bad idea to include it, or to label the points.
This was a very straightforward probably, using the graphing calculator. A little time-consuming, but simple.

30.Solve algebraically for all values of x:

sqrt(x - 4) + x = 6

Follow along on the image below. Subtract x from both sides of the equation to isolate the radical. Next, square both sides of the equation. Subtract (x - 4) from both sides to set the quadratic equation equal to 0. Factor the trinomial.

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More Algebra 2 problems.

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