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Algebra 2 Problems of the Day

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June 2017, Part II

All Questions in Part II are worth up tp 2 credits. Partial credit is possible.

27.Over the set of integers, factor the expression 4x3 - x2 + 16x - 4 completely.

Group the terms into the pairs. You will notice that in the first two terms, you can factor out x2, as follows: x2(4x - 1).
In the last two terms, you can factor out a 4, as follows: (4)(4x - 1).
This gives you x2(4x - 1) + (4)(4x - 1).
Factor out the (4x - 1) from the two terms, and you get (x2 + 4)(4x - 1).
(Distributive Property in reverse.)
You can check your answer by multiplying (FOIL, box method) and getting your original polynomial back.

28. The graph below represents the height above the ground, h, in inches, of a point on a triathlete's bike wheel during a training ride in terms of time, t, in seconds.

Identify the period of the graph and describe what the period represents in this context.

First of all, you don't not need to know what a "triathlete" is, other than that it's someone who is riding a bike. Okay? Don't freak out over the word if you've never seen it before.
The period of the graph is 2/3, which you can see because the graph starts at a height of 26 and returns to 26 after 2/3 seconds.
The period represents the time it takes for a point at the top of the wheel to make one complete revolution and return back to the top of the wheel.

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More Algebra 2 problems.

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