Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New York State Common Core Geometry and Algebra Regents Exams

I will have to ask everyone to be patient.

I will post the questions and answers as soon as I can HOWEVER, no one in my current school was scheduled to take the Geometry Regents today, so I could not obtain a copy. I will have one by this Friday, at the latest, because I will be grading that exam over the weekend up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I will definitely have a copy of the Algebra exam on the day it is given.

As for Algebra 2, which I don't usually post, I don't believe anyone will be taking the exam this month. Maybe in June.


Anonymous said...

Check out question 36 of geometry. Law of sines. I thought that was an optional topic

(x, why?) said...

Yeah, there was a bit of Trig on the test.

I'll have some answers posted later this evening.