Monday, January 04, 2016

Making a Difference in 2016!

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(C)Copyright 2016, C. Burke.

Being able to make a difference is important!

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Holly said...

After now seeing multiple algebra 1 common core exams what do you feel are common theme questions and specific focus for June 2016, which ones repeated the most?

(x, why?) said...

Heavy focus on quadratic functions and equations and equivalent forms. Which is a step in solving, or which factored form has the same solution, etc.

A couple of questions about exponential functions and their graphs.

What is and isn't a function.
Domain and range of a function, particularly writing them as inequalities -- and explaining what the limits of them are in context with a real world problem, such as the ball stops falling when it hits the ground, or only whole numbers of people make sense for the domain of the function.
And describing the transformation of a function.

I also expect to see at least one question on residuals and correlation coefficients and one on adding rational and irrational numbers, but those are more one-shot questions which don't extend to other topics as much.