Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Night, Thinking About the Numbers

Be forewarned: this is the obligatory filler post to keep my every-day-in-August streak going. Any ideas bouncing around my head all day would take too long to plot out, type up and semi-illustrate. So I'm punting. This may be boring, or it could be fun. Let's see.

Some numbers have been on my mind this past week or so. Those were the numbers 2000 and 900. Odd numbers to be sure -- except that they're both even. Actually, they're both sort of "anniversary" numbers, with one being a centenary and the other a millennial.

I noticed this past Monday, that I had reached more than 1900 tweets on my twitter account. I was wondering if I might do something silly for 2000. Or maybe 2001 would be better. Or maybe 2001 could say, "Hey, that was my 2000th tweet!" (First-world problems, right?) Hey, it's all about "branding", or so I'm led to believe. Funny thing is that this was on my mind during the last Weird Ed twitter chat. I didn't want to randomly comment on so many things that I'd fly over the top. I also didn't retweet a few funny or interesting links, and I hesitated on the reply button.

I checked the counter before tweeting every link to my posts and comics.

And then I had some fun, and the geek within created these:

I haven't gotten to Tweet 2010: the Tweet I Make Contact yet. Or maybe I have -- I wasn't paying attention earlier today.

The second number: 900.

Since 2007, I have posted comics on a sometimes regular basis. It's the reason why some of you are here. Math puns, teacher jokes, general geekiness. That's me.

I'm closing in on comic #900. Every 100th comic has been a little special, generally (but not always) having something to do with that number specifically.

Sadly, I noticed that it took over a year to get from 600 to 700, and from 700 to 800. For a while I was posting four times per week, over and above the promised three times per week. In the past couple years, there were weeks with only one update. Then again, this has been a year from Hell.

Finally, there were a couple more Number-Specific comics that come to mind that I want to add:

  • 99: Luftballoon, read it anyway if you got the joke
  • 666: Devil's Staircase, which, co-incidentally, fell on St. Valentines Day.

    So what's coming up for Number 900? I guess I'll know in five more comics!

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