Friday, September 04, 2020

Tropical Geometry

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You can't call this one low-hanging fruit -- the fruit hangs pretty high. Not that I drew any.

I like my palm green. I don't like my palm red. But I used to have a Palm(tm) Reader.

I debated using AR Christy or Forte for the font. I couldn't decide if either of them had a tropical feel to them.

ObMath: In mathematics, tropical geometry is the study of polynomials and their geometric properties when addition is replaced with minimization and multiplication is replaced with ordinary addition. If that sounds confusing, there's no need to go further. If that sounds interesting, there are many resources on the web you can peruse at your leisure.

I'd like to take my leisure on a tropical isle myself, but right now isn't really the time for it. For one thing, school is starting up again, and for another, I'm avoiding planes and cruise ships.

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