Friday, September 20, 2019

School Life #10: Girlfriend

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(C)Copyright 2019, C. Burke.

Students change. Group dynamics change. The cast changes, too, but often changes right back again.

School Life is a collection of strips about the students in school (or possibly outside of it) that don't fall into the usual scholastic-based humor. With enough backstory, I could write my own fanfic based on these guys. Granted, I'd have to give them all names first. Added one today. Up until now, I had the four new girls as Filipino (and loosely based on groups of students I knew), but the more I looked at Kyung, the more I thought that maybe she could be Korean (possibly North?) who is befriended by the other three.

So welcome to (temporarily non-canonical, until I say so) Kyung Mi Park. The other three girls have Spanish surnames that I haven't decided on (but I'm leaning toward some former coworkers to whom I owe a great deal), with the tall one possibly named "Katie". The other two may or may not have somewhat "saintly" names, or American variations thereof.

In the meantime, I'm still deciding on the stories to tell, how to tell them, and how much of them to tell, because it really isn't the main focus of the comic. And as much as I deal with these youngsters transforming into adults (I can't always call them "young adults" just yet), their stories aren't mine to tell. To adapt, maybe, in a way to bring them out to my readers, but not to tell outright.

There could be another ten of these before the year is out, or there might not even be ten more in the future. Time will tell.

But Daisy won't. She's good with secrets.

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