Friday, September 27, 2019

Dividing 9's By 9

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(C)Copyright 2019, C. Burke.

And you can use x + 1 for 11's.

Instead of FOIL, I'm trying the "Box Method" again, only this time calling it The Area Model, and stressing the area of box, and the fact that it's a multiplication table. (I abandoned it years ago, because students would fill up tables and say, "I'm done!" without completing the problem. "That's not the answer. That's the work that gives you the answer.")

Using this in reverse, which in some cases is the same as Factoring By Grouping, the Area Model does division in a much nicer way than the traditional Long Division method, at least when there isn't a remainder. Actually, it's not that bad then, either.

Oh, and I have Snapped my fingers to distract from tapping the board to make the screen advance to the next slide. Sleight of hand is usually appreciated, even when they're on to you, if only because the other teachers aren't doing that.

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