Monday, April 16, 2018

Algebra 2 Problems of the Day

Algebra 2 is not my usual subject, but I do get asked about the problems occasionally. So I've decided to run a couple of Regents problems daily for a while. If there's a positive reaction (or at least, a lack of negative reaction), I may continue it.

More Algebra 2 problems.

January 2018
13. If aebt = c, where a, b, and c are positive, then t equals

Answer: (3) ln(c/a) / b
You start with: aebt = c
Divide both sides by a: ebt = c/a
Take the natural log: ln(ebt) = ln(c/a)
which gives you: bt = ln(c/a)
Divide by b: t = ln(c/a) / b.

14. For which values of x, rounded to the nearest hundredth, will |x2 - 9| - 3 = log3x?

(1) 2.29 and 3.63
(2) 2.37 and 3.54
(3) 2.84 and 3.17
(4) 2.92 and 3.06

Answer: (1) 2.29 and 3.63
If you graph the system: y = |x2 - 9| - 3 and y = log(x)/log(3), you can use the intersection function the points of intersection (2.29, 0.754) and (3.63, 1.173).
Use (2nd)(CALC), option (5)Intersect and hit ENTER three times.
Or you can graph log(x)/log(3) - |x2 - 9| + 3, and look for the zeroes.
Use (2nd)(CALC), option (2)Zero.

Given that this is a multiple choice question, you could also use a list of information and enter that last equation into the calculator to see which gives you zero -- or very close to zero, because we have approximate answers. Be careful, though, because there's a lot of information to enter and typos happen.

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