Wednesday, October 05, 2016

(x, why?) Minis: COPS

(Click on the comic if you can't see the full image.)

(C)Copyright 2016, C. Burke.

Have you noticed the shape of the police officers yet?

I've used these cops about 6 times now, starting with a Math Horror Movie comic in 2013 and then using them in the Mini comics. After one of them, I commented that with their "hats" on, those police are actually concave octagons because they have eight sides.

A reader asked on Google Plus if this was "C.S.I. Philadelphia" because those cops were actually keystones.

To which I responded, "Keystone Cops?? Who would think of such a thing!"

As an added bonus, I later found out that an old friend of mine read the exchange and immediately slapped his forehead, dropped his jaw and shook his head. He said it was, in retrospect, obvious, but he hadn't seen it coming.

It's nice when there are bonuses for people to find!

By the way, everyone loves "Dad jokes", right?

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