Monday, October 31, 2016

Costume (Math) Department

(Click on the comic if you can't see the full image.)

(C)Copyright 2016, C. Burke.

We all need Constant reminders to Be Safe, and Have Fun. And add a Constant.

Happy Halloween.

So what's you're opinion of the Math Horror Movies?

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jmcenanly said...

I understand the equation, but who is the blue guy?

(x, why?) said...

The blue guy is the Assistant Principal of the Math (and probably Science) Department, a lesser recurring character.

He first appeared in the Star Teachers comic as a joke (

And then I decided to actually use him after making him look more like one of my characters. I left him blue because I thought it seemed funnier. Plus if I turned him, for example, Caucasian, then I'd have to explain the uniform and cape.

Shorter Answer: He's certainly not a blatant copyright volaton of Ledaer Desslok, the Gamalon leader from the series Star Blazers