Monday, June 06, 2016

Daily Regents: Rational Plus Irrational (January 2015)

I'll be reviewing a New York State Regents Exam Question every day from now until the Regents exams begin next month. At least, that is the plan.

January 2015, Questions 25

36. Ms. Fox asked her class “Is the sum of 4.2 and SQRT(2) rational or irrational?” Patrick answered that the sum would be irrational.
State whether Patrick is correct or incorrect. Justify your reasoning.

The sum of any rational and irrational number is always irrational.
An irrational number has a non-repeating, non-terminating decimal. Adding .2 to the decimal would not make it repeat or terminate.

4.2 + 1.4142135623746.... = 5.6142135623746....

Any questions?

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