Thursday, May 26, 2016

Daily Regents: Inequalities (August 2014)

I'll be reviewing a New York State Regents Exam Question every day from now until the Regents exams begin next month. At least, that is the plan.

August 2014, Questions 30

30. Solve the inequality below to determine and state the smallest possible value for x in the solution set.

3(x + 3) ≤ 5x - 3

Use the Distributive Property to get rid of the parentheses, then solve it like an equation with variables on both sides:

3x + 9 ≤ 5x - 3
9 ≤ 2x - 3
12 ≤ 2x
6 ≤ x

Therefore, x > 6
The smallest possible value is 6.

Any questions?

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