Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Guest Comic: It's All Greek to Me

(Click on the comic if you can't see the full image.)
(C)Copyright 2015, C. Burke.

It occurred to Christopher that, at one time or another, he has used 18 of 24 Greek letters in his classes. So far.

The progression in the comic is interesting in that when he created his previous guest comic in 2010, he was just finishing middle school. He is now, five years later, in college. At Cornell University. Yes, I'm proud. And I'm extremely happy that when I "kinda/sorta" asked if he'd like to do another comic -- not knowing if it'd be as fun as when he was 14 -- he responded immediately. So quickly that I could use it for Comic #999.

I won't stop bragging about my kids -- although next comic I get to brag about me, if for just one day.

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Bill in Boston said...

Challenge, add Christopher's set as 4th circle on Venn Diagram

Bill in Boston said...

apparently the original source for the illustration i linked is a nice in-joke used on Wikipedia
Intersection (set theory)
Venn diagram

(x, why?) said...

Well, since it's a subset of Greek, it shouldn't be too difficult. I, offhand, don't know which ones he hasn't used yet.