Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Catching Up on My Reading List (and Reviews)

While I have some time off, I'm catching up on my reading and also on my reading list. What I mean by that is that I like to keep track of the things I read -- what books, the authors, and something about them. Years ago, a friend posted a list of the books he'd read at the end of the year, and I found that I couldn't remember what books I'd read. So I started keeping a text file with the titles and authors.

This worked for a while until I realized that I saw titles of books that I couldn't remember. (Granted, some were very memorable, but that isn't much of an excuse.) So I started writing little summaries of the main characters and the plot. And then I started posting them on a blog, and they morphed a bit into reviews other people could read and enjoy instead of book reports that I was handing in to Sister Rose.

Anyway, I've uploaded a bunch of book reviews, which will appear daily, starting today. The first is Eric Flint's 1632 or the Ring of Fire. The rest can be seen on my reading blog.

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