Friday, December 19, 2014

(blog): Still More About That Jeopardy Non-Common-Core Math Category

Spotted on the Web: The Political Hat had a post about the Common Core in Jeopardy category. What makes this interesting is that there was an "Update" to the common with a link to my column from two weeks ago. (Yeah, me!) Maybe this is the reason that Michelle Malkin of suddenly started following me out of the blue. (Double Yeah, me!)

The fame is going full-circle. Or inside-out. Or something. Moving up from the H-list to the G-list. I'll be on the D-list before you know it!

The Political Hat bills itself as "Politics, News, and Drollarity with a Tip of the Hat".

And that's all for tonight. Too late to post a fresh comic, which won't be seen, or to type my intended blog entry, which is longer than usual, meaning twice the time to type and three times the time to edit and correct.

Until tomorrow, this is Day 19 of 31.

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