Monday, December 29, 2014

Another list of random websites I jotted down years ago

While at a professional development session years back, the facilitator was talking about all the different sites on the Internet that could prove useful other than just having a blog. Some were placing to search and get ideas. Others were places to go and send your students (possibly). I thought of it as places to market my comic. I think that this is how I learned about the old digg and reddit.

At some point, I have to check if these sites exist and add links. Also, I have to check which can be viewed in public schools.
In no particular order, here is what I scribbled down:

  • Wheel of Lunch
  • Hype Machine
  • Census Dashboard.
  • twitter
  • Slashdot
  • imgur

Other notes in the margins:

  • feeds
  • podcasting
  • host
  • GeoMicro
  • 1337 jargon
  • Digg
  • Kazaa
  • Joost

I recognize some of these, and have used some. Digg has completely changed and is useless now. Imgur has recently been blocked by the DOE, most likely for porn, gore and death -- if you type in a random five-letter combination, you will likely find a picture, but only God knows of what!

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