Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yesterday and Tomorrow

If from the title, Yesterday and Tomorrow, you were expecting something profound, philosophical or metaphorical about the Past and the Future, then I'm sorry to disappoint. No, quite literally, I meant yesterday, December 27, and tomorrow, December 29. And a little bit of today being book-ended in-between.

Yesterday would have been my mother's birthday. As regular readers of the blog know, we lost her this past August so this was our first birthday without her (and first Christmas and Thanksgiving and ...). Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of my father's passing. He hung on with his very being to have one more Christmas with the family. He even told me that I shouldn't have bought him a Nook because (he said), "I won't be around to use it." I told him not to talk like that, but a few days later he was back in the hospital. Part of me "knows" that he held on until after my mother's birthday.

The strange thing is that this weird alignment of these two biological anniversaries -- a birth and a death -- gets even stranger because it'll happen again next August. My mother passed away around my father's birthday. I guess she didn't want to be outdone. Maybe it was "payback".

Whatever it was, all I can do is think about the good times that I had with and enjoy good times with my family

Hmmm, I guess I did get a little metaphorical at the end.

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