Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy 11-12-13!

I didn't forget about it! I just didn't have the time to blog today. (I did tweet a message this morning. Do you follow me on twitter?)

HAPPY 11-12-13!
Those of you outside the U.S., we can revisit this next month. ;)

There's only one more Sequential Day left this century! After that, you'll have to wait until January 2, 2103.

Sadly, one of the students in my class said that next year will be the last one in "our lifetimes". I wanted to say (and I might've without thinking) "Speak for yourself!" I thought it sad because she's only, say, 15, which would make her 102 the next time it happens. We're living longer and they're are medical breakthroughs -- miracles, even -- happening all the time. No reason to believe that she couldn't reach that age.

As for me, okay, I'll probably only get that far with a robot body, and, hopefully, some cybernetic helper monkeys.

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