Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Father's Footsteps

(Click on the cartoon to see the entire image.)
(C)Copyright 2009, C. Burke. All rights reserved.

And he liked it that way

Happy Veterans Day!
I thought I'd focus on one Veteran in particular today.


Z said...

Wow. I wouldn't like to be in his shoes :)

Anyways, a nearly two miles wide house could have been fun :)

And of course sorry for joking on a sad topic.

(x, why?) said...

Well, obviously, objects on the map appear slightly larger than they are, of course.

And, its Veterans Day, not Memorial Day. My Dad's alive and well. The image is naturally based on the stories I heard long ago (and much more recently, now that I think about it), and he would never kid about such a thing ... would he?