Friday, November 20, 2009

10Q! 10Q Very Much!

Maybe it's a case of the Strip That Would Not Die. I don't know.

Someone, not me, Stumbled my Combining Like Terms cartoon (which is also here). I got a bunch of hits from that posting.

Then about two weeks ago, there was another spike in the hit count, for the same cartoon from the same source.

Now, in the past two days, StumbleUpon has sent 6,000 more visitors in my direction, mostly heading for this one cartoon (and some going to Speed Limit II, which I didn't know was on their site).

Hopefully, I'm getting some positive feedback. (Sadly, I can't read it here at school.)

The funny thing is that that particular joke was sitting on the back burner, waiting for a break to post it. It was, basically, a back-up comic for when I was otherwise coming up blank. Guess I should re-evaluate what should be on the back burner.

And, "Thank You" for stopping by for the past two years and 400 comics.

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