Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"You Enter the Room and See Four More Doors..."

Remember the old dungeon crawls that inevitably contained a room that contained nothing but doors? It was there to drive mappers insane. Or worse, it was there to throw you off the map by taking you through dimensional portals or such.

Or maybe you were about to re-enact something out of an old Looney Tunes or Scooby Doo chase sequence.

Well, I finally lived something that could be described as follows:

"As you enter the room, you see that it is empty save for four doors. There is one each at the ends of the rectangular room. The two on the wall opposite you have glyphs on the walls beside them..."

The glyphs represented the signs for the restaurant's Men's and Women's bathrooms, which was easier than having it printed in the five languages that were present on most of the signs around the resort. What was funny was what happened if you existed through one of the other two doors. You ended up in a different restaurant. Three fairly decent-sized dining establishments were centered around the bathroom they shared. (Oddly enough, we had suspected that they shared the kitchen.)

Okay, so it wasn't dimension-hopping, but when you suddenly find yourself in last night's restaurant thinking, "Something isn't right here", it can be both disconcerting and amusing at the same time.

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