Monday, November 18, 2019

School Life #13

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(C)Copyright 2019, C. Burke.

It's nice to be included, and it's nice to include -- except for the one who eats his pizza with a fork. He's just embarrassing.

No pineapple comments. No self-respecting pizza place in the area would dare. Besides, do you think a bunch of school kids can afford extra toppings?

ObMath: One of the first signs of friendship is realizing that pooling your money to get a pie is more economical than buying individual slices. The downside is having to split things 8 or 12 ways, and figuring who gets the extra slice.

And then there's the kid who has to have square when everyone else wants round (triangle) or vice versa.

These story lines make me wonder if I should just write "fan fiction" about my own characters. Problem is that I'd like to start writing "real" fiction first, without procrastinating as much as I do and blaming external circumstances.

ObMathJoke: Volume of Pizza = Pi * z * z * a. (I posted a copy of someone else's cartoon ages ago because it was better than anything I could have drawn at the time, and I couldn't improve on the punchline.)

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