Friday, January 11, 2019

Clip - Art

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(C)Copyright 2018, C. Burke.

That Art! He is the Clipper to the Stars!

Ten years in the making, at least. And I originally wanted to put some familiar head shots in there, like you see on barber walls.

I've had the joke, but not the means to do it. Then, on a whim, I checked the web for 8-bit creators, and found a couple. I created a witch in no time. And then I nearly crashed my iPad when I tried using some of the site's functions to either save or email the picture. Seriously, if was a half-hour or more before my iPad was responding, and I was afraid I would have to do another factory reset.

Luckily, the second site was a little better and PC friendly. I recreated my witch, print-screened and saved it that way. Then I re-colored it to match my original witch, which I liked better. (Which witch? The first one.)

I made the next three in a couple of days, and passed them by the expert: my son. I thought they came out good, but didn't know what was sticking on the side of the second guy's head. I said I was going for "Elf". Oh, well. I changed the coloring a little.

Next problem was that the joke was ALWAYS "Four SHAVES, Four Haircuts". Only one guy had a beard -- and one of the others was female.

First try was to create the pirate, who I thought was "okay" but I wasn't happy with his eyepatch or his hat. Keep in mind, he came before either of the two pirate jokes that I already posted this week. He could've tied them all together very nicely. (He might've been part of the reason I came up with the other two jokes, and well as the play on "Barber".)

But I liked the witch, and I thought that a wizard wouldn't be a difficult transition. So I went that route instead.

For those who are interested, the original artwork is posted below. The knight always had a beard, even before I "remembered" the joke. Witch, elf, barbarian (part satyr?), knight, pirate, wizard.

I hope you like them. I could try to recreate them sometime, but it won't be easy though.

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