Sunday, August 20, 2017

Doing Some Writing: Writing Prompts

Occasionally, I troll reddit's subgroup for "Writing Prompts". Even less occasionally, I sit down and write some. Usually, I think about them for a while and may -- or may not -- get back to them. By the time I do, they've usually slipped from the front page, if they ever made it there in the first place, so they don't (to my knowledge) get read a lot, and they don't get a lot of votes.

If you're interested in some of my creative writing, here are some of my more recent attempts. Feel free to comment here or there. If you're not a "redditor", you'll need to join before voting or commenting. (It's free.) Comments on my blog are always welcome -- unless they're spam, of course.

Recent Writing Prompts on reddit

Super powers. I like this one. I thought about a kid suddenly getting them without knowing or understanding. They turned on one day in middle school.
[WP] You are gifted with super powers. Instead of embracing it, you believe that you've gone crazy.

I have a few ideas about "familiars" now. This isn't even the one I started with. A detail I added for "color" struck me as more interesting than the story I was telling.
[WP] As a sophomore in a school of magic, you've reached the point in your life where it's time to summon your lifelong familiar. The other students managed to get some pretty cool creatures as their familiars, but yours is... different.

This one I had to be careful with because I've seen this in a couple of places in the past few years -- I didn't want to copy anything, and I can't mention one of them because it would be a spoiler.
[WP] Werewolves aren’t men who turn into beasts during the full moon. They’re wolves, beasts cursed to be human.

I liked how this one turned out.
[WP] The tree was walking around my house, and I figured today was finally the day I would ask it WHY.

This one has problems. First, I was interrupted in writing it, so it switched from third person to first in the middle. Then I fixed it. Then I added an extra detail for the ending, which was too clunky and obvious. Also, it was supposed to be topical (hint: something in the news that people are talking about)
It was downvoted to 0. I wouldn't argue that. But it realized NO other stories except mine. Then the thread was downvoted to 0, so I don't think anyone else will see it.
[WP] You were once a mighty wizard, but alas, now your wand only shoots blanks.

This one is a little self-referential. If you're not a "redditor", you won't get the joke. Sorry.
[WP]"...and with that, through the pains and struggles, the last user signed off, and Reddit was dead.

Here's where I started my run, and it has scored the best -- which is still only about 12-15 votes.
[WP] Finally it's your lunch break, but alas you have forgot a spoon for your pudding. Existential crisis begins.

If you want to see more, LET ME KNOW! My tagline for this blog years ago was "I THRIVE ON FEEDBACK". Maybe I should resurrect that.

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