Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Panel Schedule at Lunacon 2016

It's that time of year again, when I usually go to Lunacon, New York's longest-running science fiction convention, and then blog about my trip!

I say "Usually" because: a) I don't always blog about it, and b) last year, there was no Lunacon because of reorganization (to put it kindly). Part of that reorganization saw me getting involved with the con that I've enjoyed for a quarter-century now. And that meant eventually volunteering for something, some committee or other. Well, they also needed people to appear on the panels. I've had others (not committee members) suggest to me that I should, and I've been reluctant to. Who, me?

Well, this year, I volunteered. I have to remind myself sometimes that I am, in fact, a published author, even if I'm not as prolific as those I usually go to see. Hey, at least my bio won't be boring.

In case anyone can make it to Rye Brook this weekend, here is my schedule (barring the unforeseen):

  • Fan Interest Welcome! Is this your first Lunacon? Bartell, Fri 5:00 PM
  • Literary Travelling in time Westchester Ballroom D4, Sat 10:00 AM Edit: Maybe not
  • Comics Happy Anniversary Captain Marvel Bartell, Sat 1:00 PM
  • Literary Natural History of Barsoom? Westchester Ballroom A2, Sat 2:00 PM
  • Media TV Shows you love even after cancellation. Birch, Sat 5:00 PM Edit: Maybe not

No "web comics" panel, but there is always the option to "make your own panel". Maybe on Sunday morning, since Saturday is so crazy. We could call it Webcomics for Fun and ... Well, Just Fun, Really.

If I'm not mistaken "Westchester Ballroom D4" has been part of the Dealers Room for the past bunch of years. I don't remember that designation for any panels. That would mean that they've shaken things up a bit, or at least rearranged things.

But Change is Good! (Like volunteering after all these years!)

EDIT: It turns out that I misunderstood my email because of the way it was formatted. It listed a couple that I was interested in, but was not included in. I didn't realize this until I viewed the program. I doubt I'm needed as an alternate -- both of those panels have 4 or 5 panels on them already.

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