Monday, December 07, 2015


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(C)Copyright 2015, C. Burke.

I want coffee and pie now. NOW.

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Bill in Boston said...

In degree mode, the rainbow is an arc circumscribed 41±1° from the anti-solar point ... or 220° from the sun.

The rainbow is rarely 180° arc, typically that's opposite sunset. (A sunset rainbow at Full Moon should be extra special, since the anti-solar point is plotted approximately.) With sufficient elevation (airplane, looking into gorge, mountain) particularly at lower solar elevation, the rainbow can be seen to be a (nearly) full circle.

I guess we should calculate what % of sky (e.g. steradians vs the whole) is contained within the rainbow (40° = 0.7rad exclusive, 42° = 0.73rad inclusive).

(x, why?) said...

Rain on the parade, why don't you?

My rainbow was constructed using 7 concentric circles and taking half of them.

So there. 8-P

Bill in Boston said...

Can't make a rainbow without Rain. :-D