Monday, February 16, 2015

Welcome, Spiked Math Readers!

I just got a heads-up that a recent Spiked Math comic, 573: Upper Heisenberg Matrix, links to my August 2010 comic Identity Matrix on the comics-only site, where no comments can be made. (I shut down the forum due to lack of use by anyone other than spammers and two dedicated followers ... and me.) Curious readers, as Spiked Math readers are known to be, just might click on the BLOG link and end up on the top post -- which for the moment is this one you're reading!

If you want to comment, the blog page for that comic is here.

Otherwise, if you're new, enjoy. Browse. Look at the pictures. Read the articles. (I know people who only read (x, why?) for the articles. Honest.) Have a good time. Tell your friends. Favorite, Like, +1, reddit whatever you, er, like. Link back to your favorites.

And post a comment or drop a email just to say "Howdy".

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