Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Seventh Birthday Coming Friday!

Hard to believe that nearly seven years have passed since I started making these comics to pass the time and to keep my sanity. And then I started to lose a little sanity trying to keep to a schedule. So much so that I even had vacation strips running for a week!

But (x, why?), which started on this blog and then migrated -- for better exposure, I guess -- to the Comic Genesis site, is having a 7th birthday, or it is an anniversary, on Friday.

I guess it isn't too hard to believe that a webcomic can run for seven years. Many of the webcomics I read back then (or shortly after I started) are still running. It seems to be a "thing". And this "thing" is taking me places, giving me ideas. Keeps me writing, and getting me to do a little bit of programming. Okay, so I haven't done any actual programming in a few years. Now, it's more about maintaining the links and fixing anything that breaks.

Personally, there are a few things I'd like to do. I'd like to have an Archive page that updates automatically as I gave up on mine a long time ago. I'd like to understand how to write an RSS feed because even though blogger and CG both have them, my own domain does not. If I wanted to post everything there, I would lose the feed. Thankfully, there's always twitter and Facebook and Google Plus. Hell, lately I've even started updating my Pinterest pages.

I'm still having fun, even if the demands on my time prevent regular updates three times per week. (I hated to discover that it takes me almost a year to do 100 strips!) But I'll keep at it.

So be here on Friday for the seventh birthday. I just hope I have the time tomorrow to finish a comic.

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