Friday, September 05, 2014


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Everyone goes to Six. But he still have to follow the Four.

This would be a Math Movie Quote, but it doesn't have a number. Previous quotes came from the American Film Institute Top 100 Quotes list, but Casablanca has so many good lines that they only picked a few to include.

By the way, Casablanca, like many other wonderful movies, is celebrating its 75th anniversary, but I guess I missed it on TV. If you have the chance, see it in a movie theater. Seriously, the first time I saw the film was 25 years ago, on its 50th anniversary re-release. My girlfriend (now my wife) found out two years earlier that I'd never seen the movie and she banned me from watching it on TV (where it would've been chopped up for commercials) because she knew it would be re-released.

That same year, I saw Gone With the Wind for the first time as well -- at Radio City Music Hall, where they showed the restored edition. The movies saw a Golden Year in 1939, which gave us The Wizard of Oz and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington among many others.

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