Tuesday, June 03, 2014


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This comment is null. At least, that's the hypothesis.

The most interesting thing about the t-test was that it was created by a chemist for the Guinness brewery in Dublin in 1908.

Also interesting are the other appearances of Belle and Mr. Whiskers which happened here, here, here, and here.

That means the last one was four years ago. Should I have left them in the past?

Or call this Old Character Re-appearance Week! and ride a nostalgia train?

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William Ricker said...

Ah this brings back memories.

Harvard Stats Dept included the 100th anniversary of Gosset's pseudonymous "A. Student" paper in "Quintessential Contributions" symposium in 2008. The story of why Gosset had to publish under a pseudonym has resonance today in our modern I.P. climate. But Guinness embraces their connection now, they sponsored a reception in Gosset/Student's honor in the grad-student pub, which has much mathematical memorabilia. I really enjoyed the day.

symposium, slideshow (FLASH)
Program (PDF)