Monday, March 17, 2014

Back From Lunacon

No comic today because I had too much fun at Lunacon and too little time when I got home and started grading papers. And had I left sooner (and avoided the two traffic accidents), I still wouldn't have finished.

A report on some kind will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, I've added two new blogs to my blog list because of people I met this weekend:

Monster Haiku is a daily strip where the dialogue is a haiku. Topical, given my recent contest, but even moreso in that the author, Jason Deeble, knows his math and tries to work calculus into some of his strips. I bought his first collection and had it autographed. He has almost as many strips as I do and should overtake me shortly. If I buy a book a year, I'll be current ... hmmm, set up a system of equations ... hmmmm, I'll do it later.

Genre-related, in that sense that math geeks and sci-fi geeks generally like movies (and many of us like redheads), another blog to check out is A Redhead at the Movies, which bills itself as Film and entertainment reviews, essays and lists from a ginger who loves pop culture (especially horror)! Sara, the redhead in question, is a Film Studies and Media & Communication double major at Muhlenberg College in PA, so you'll get a young person's perspective. She's also the daughter of a Facebook friend, whom I finally met in person this weekend. (I've met the friend before -- this year, I met the daughter. I'm a math teacher, not an English major, you know.) Great reading for entertainment news.

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