Saturday, July 20, 2013

Clean-Up Day

I finished a spreadsheet cataloging all 797 official comics that I've done so far. The first thing that I noticed: I had 798 of them. That's because of last year's Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day sketch and the follow-up comic. On the blog, I updated the same entry. On the comics-only side, they were two separate entries, which were supposed to have been merged months ago. I never got around to doing that.

I'm attempting it now. Both files now share the same date, and the text files have been corrected. The files for the following day have been deleted. I'm running a full update, so we'll see if I did it correctly soon enough.

I also noticed that a couple of the 0'Factor strips were misnumbered. The reason for that was simple enough: I work on multiple computers (plus I recently bought a new one) and images were scattered in different locations. When I'd checked for the most recent, I had the wrong iteration.

If there are any more mistakes on either site, please let me know.

There are two more that I am aware of which I haven't tackled yet. First, the logic table from the "IF" poem is incorrect and the blog makes it painfully clear what is wrong and why it won't be corrected. The comics-only side is missing this message. Second, I bungled the "Yes Secant" image when I decided to expand it so it would look more like a secant graph. I messed up the rest of the graph. The blog has the corrected image, but the other site does not. I have to locate the correct image and upload it with the proper filename, and I should probably make a mention of the correct in the notes file that appears below the comic.

As for the spreadsheet, I can only hope that I can keep it updated, and if I do, I can use it to write a javascript or perl script on the Archive page, which doesn't feature any comics past 600.

It's been productive.


Lee Thompson said...

Productive, definitely. Sounds like it's also been a pain in the behind.

(x, why?) said...

Which is why I kept putting it off.

The heat wave helped. Too hot to go outside for too long, and hot enough that I turned on the A/C in the smallest room in the house and got busy.