Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welcome "Mind Your Decisions" Readers

Another bump in my stats, courtesy of Spiked Math's comic #445: Three Logicians Walk Into a Bar. Any time some blog discovers it and reposts it, an additional link is usually listed afterward for my own Coffee Logic comic from May 2011. Additionally, Mike has a link to Coffee Logic right beneath his own comic on his page, so people who see the repost of his comic and repost it themselves are still leaving the door open to finding their way here.

The most recent posting I've found was at Mind Your Decisions, with the post, Three "Mind Your Decisions" Readers Walk into a Bar. Another thousand readers have popped in in the past week or so because of this.

Thanks for the traffic.

A reminder about Copyright: I have no problem with educators re-using my images on free websites, so long as they aren't edited(*) and there's a link back to my site. Dropping a line to ask is always nice but I won't be offended if you honestly forget (but I'm less likely to link back to you if I don't know about it. Likewise, if you wish to use them in class in your presentations or on worksheets, I'd actually be flattered. However, if you put these assignments on a class or school website, then, again, I'd ask that you link back here. Thanks.

(*)As for editing, I mention this because I found one of my older comics on a "humor" site where my copyright notice and my initials where removed and filled in with the background color. Thankfully, this hasn't been repeated (that I know of), so I haven't resorted to using gradients as background, with would be harder to overwrite.

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Presh said...

Thanks for the link back! I'm glad to have found your site, I have subscribed and look forward to reading it.