Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Any Trigonometry Jones Fans?

The top search term that led to my site this week was trigonometry jones. That can't be a co-incidence, unless there's a math character out there that I wasn't aware of when I took a simple joke about "being right" and spun into something I hadn't imagined.

If you were one of those searching for Mr. Jones, let me know. I know that it's been a long time, but I did get bogged down in an actual plot instead of just moving a story along. And like some of the greats (not that I'm putting myself among them, just emulating them), I know the next step and I know how it ends, and it's just a matter of getting there.

And, I will admit, other than getting bogged down in the strip, the other problem was that I actually got a tepid-to-poor review of the comic, which might not have bothered me so much, but it was the only review I'd seen since I'd first started making the comic, so it stung a little. So I moved on from there.

By the way, the top search term last week was about "cinco de mayo" and as a result, temporarily, the Parabola comic has dethroned Coffee Logic as the most-viewed comic of the week.

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