Monday, August 27, 2012

That's One Small Step ...

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(C)Copyright 2012, C. Burke. All rights reserved.

That's one small step off the couch, one giant leap over the coffee table, the television stand, the lamp, the bookcase . . .

I decided a long time ago that this comic strip (along with the blog that showcases it) could not become the Obit of the Week. I can't acknowledge every famous or historical person who may have influenced me in some way. I will try when I can -- when an idea occurs to me that fits and is something I'm capable of drawing.

That said, this is how I can pay tribute to both Neil Armstrong, a hero whose footsteps I would have loved to have followed in (and for once I can use the word literally!) and, at the same time, to my father.

Happy Birthday, Dad.


Keith Raskin said...

A few math jokes for you:

Was Pythagoras the first person to do a PPT presentation?

What's a pyramid scheme?
Dearth by triangulation.

What did the integer say to the whole number?
Hey, what's your sign -- Oooh. Sorry! My bad.

How are filmmakers like topologists?
They have open and closed sets, sequences that wind up in or out of the film; they pay full attention to surface details, whether parts are connected or not, and continuity; there's plenty of coffee and doughnuts.

Keith said...

Heard about the mathematician who broke the law? He found a counterexample. Did five years on a möbius strip. Never got to the end. Then was in and out of a Klein bottle.