Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This and That ...

We got the results of our students' Algebra Regents exams. Not as good as we'd like or hoped for, but isn't that always the case? A few surprises: people passing whom I wouldn't have expected going in (happy surprise), and a couple that I'd thought would sail comfortably through hit some rough waters (sad surprise). There's always August. And tutoring before then.

Consolation prize: A few of the more advanced students took the test again to improve their grades as they head toward college. Glad that they came back and did well. That made the teachers and the A.P. happy.

Tangent: Speaking of the A.P., some of you might be wondering "Why in Dante's Nine-Point Circle in the A. P. in the End-of-Year Review comic blue? "

If you're new (or if you forgot), that goes back to this comic strip about our Star Teachers.

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