Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home of the Original *Farmville Funnies*!!

Yes, when I'm not making math comics, I'm wasting way too much time playing Farmville on Facebook. One of the features that they have is to take pictures of your farm and allow you to post them. Naturally, I saw the comic potential there, and I've posted some comics on this blogs as Bonus comics, not in the regular numbering, mostly because I don't own the artwork.

What makes me want to take today to flaunt Home of the Original Farmville Funnies?
Well, yesterday I was given a heads-up that I stole the name of the feature.
By someone who started using it about 8 months AFTER I first used it.
Now, someone might have beaten me to using it given that it's an obvious thing to call them, but it definitely wasn't the Anonymous poster.

So lest anyone believe that I actually stole anything, here is a listing of the five Farmville-themed comics I did before getting it out of my system:

Farmville Funnies #1.
Farmville Funnies #2.
Farmville Funnies #3.
Farmville Funnies #4.
Farmville Funnies #5.

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