Monday, September 20, 2010

All Around

(Click on the cartoon to see the full image.)

(C)Copyright 2010, C. Burke. All rights reserved.

I thought about giving the circle an Italian accent and calling him, paesan. Then I thought better of it.

For more info on 22/7, see these.


Anonymous said...

This is more of a funny way to look at math. If a Middle Schooler were to look at this they probably wouldn't what it is even talking about. It is even a little difficult for me because i don't really get what you are trying to tell or teach children about math...

(x, why?) said...

It would be easier to respond if I knew whom I was talking to: are you a MS student? A teacher? A parent? A comic reader just passing through?

Likewise, by leaving an anonymous comment, I assume you won't get an email notification of my reply. You'll only see it if you return here.

For the middle school student, I'm reviewing the circumference of a circle with diameter 1 by using a common approximation for pi.

je2de said...

I am a college student and im going to school to be an elementary teacher. Or at least work with younger children. I mostly want to work in the daycare field. But im taking a math class for elementary teachers. :)

je2de said...

i didnt no how to fill out the section to have your name and everything on it. je2de is me, the anonymous person. haha, sorry about that.