Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Just Frickin' Cool!

I went to check my blog today. Google was on the screen so I just started typing in "mrburkemath".

I got as far as "mrbu" when it not only showed up in the dropdown box, but it was listed FIRST.

Take that,!! Take that,!!

Just frickin' cool!


Cliff said...

Google is smart. It watches what you search and will put that at the top of your drop down box.

When I go to google, is at the top of my dropdown because I've never searched mrburke.

(x, why?) said...

That was my first thought as well ... except it happened on a brand-new Mac that they had just brought into the office the day before. I don't think I'd used it, and I know that I wasn't logged into Google.

On the PC that I usually sat by (closer to the coffee machine and slightly more private), it doesn't usually show up until much later.

Not saying you're wrong. Just sayin ... I'm not listening. Not for the moment anyway.