Friday, April 09, 2010

This and That

A couple of things:

First of all, the Easter comic was uploaded yesterday. I'm happier with it than I had been, but I'm still not crazy about it.

Second, a shoutout to Mike at Spiked Math. I assume that his numbers have gone up recently because of repostings because I've seen a spike in my own numbers. Now, I can't entirely trust Google Analytics because it says that most people are finding my page through direct links (e.g., typing in the URL or clicking on a bookmark), which I still find hard to believe. But there has been a big increase this past week in traffic from Spiked Math, either from the link on the main page (thanks for that, Mike!) or from my responses in the comment sections on individual pages.

Finally, I hope to get back to a regular schedule of three comics per week soon. As far as Sunday Comics go, I don't know if reprinting Super-Stick-Man pages is the best thing to do.

Comments are welcome.

1 comment:

Spiked Math said...

I liked the Easter comic.

My numbers have tripled since January, so that may explain the spike from Spiked Math.